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  1. Thank you man the johan roadkiller
    All the best and glad tidings for 2013.
  2. crashed and can't be arsed to log back in happy new years man enjoy!
  3. If I could play I would have taken some of your hands, gl anyway and hope rl treats you better
  4. I'm selling all. I'll leave the skills but I will sell all... I'll take a break.
  5. That bad huh take a break and leave the gear instead or sell and change tactics... What is it that you are selling?
  6. Can't say since I'm not really playing atm. Will sell my items soon & stop playing for a while.
  7. Ooi m8 how's eu treating ya?
  8. Your so sponsoring me now! . Grats bro!
  9. Come on man give me some credit, I use herb box afterall!!
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