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  1. Nice things to hear. Things are finally just about straightened out with me getting back in the military but alas... I've got plans to marry soon so I won't have the funds I had wished previously for Eu. I suppose I'll just have to suck it up and use the (L)'s ^_^ I'll be back in game pwning you in the ring in no time again soon though :-P
  2. Hey, there. Long time no see.

    We just had a 3x event: triple skillgains for 15 days or so, it ended on the 22nd, though. Still there are promises of more such events to come, so it's nice to keep an eye out for them.

    As far as loot goes, it's become even more inconsistent than before, meaning lots more no-loots but slightly bigger ammount of multi-pedders. In the long run though, it seems the returns are the same, just the stakes are higher (which sucks big-time for me at least, as I hate to depend on the jackpot).

    Lots of new interesting things though. Now it's actually possible to get your hand on decent gear and hunt bigger stuff without having to sell your car, house, left kidney and soul, eventhough it'll mostly be (L) stuff.

    And lots of other minor things, which are for the most part positive, but not too dramatic on gameplay.

    Still, nice to hear from you again, hope to see you around there sometime.
  3. Hey nub whats up in PE these days
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