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Randall's BP (L)


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ehehe .. nice catchy title for a mining topic

I dissed hunting (only keep gear to protect myself)) and am now focusing on mining and crafting. Unamped small mining runs just to see the finds I can make, and small crafting runs just to skill. I didn't intended to convert this into a blog but since the results are motivating, I'd wanna give it a shot at documenting. I should be making the socsite also but don't feel like setting up dynamic tables atm


Updated 10-16-2008 at 13:08 by psychnosiz

Bombs Away!


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    -- RESULTS --

    Week 1

    8x50ped runs:

    - 132ped Acid Root
    - 96ped Equus young (attacked me by accident)
    - 65ped Oil
    - 50Ped (residue) spacecraft

    Largest found deposit: XV
    Final result: +200ped

    Week 2

    16x50ped runs:

    Pedcard has been converted to resources which I'll keep for crafting and new funds are on the way. Found a couple of nice resources though (quantium, devils' tail, light liquid).

    Largest found deposit: XII
    Final result: -50ped

    Week 3

    1x50ped runs:

    Fun ... so far. Still have a load of crafting resources and a number of bombs to continue.

    Largest found deposit: XII
    Final result: +100ped

    -- END RESULTS --
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