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Am I that much a Relic.

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First to say i am gonna edit this post untill 21 JAN 09 as it is this months update.Side effect to that, also is that i aint a big writer, reading it again will catch up on some errors

Hello EF,

Ive been mining the grounds of calypso since AUG/SEP 2002 where i created my first avatar, unfortunatly i had to be away for a year due to work, and back then username and password were handed out by MA therefor making it hard to remember as it was something like A254nd and pass 24362sfdghsD. After i came home i therefor decided it was easier to create a new account than to make a big fuzz over a low skilled avatar, had something like 76 or 79 prospecting.

Well anyhow down to buisness i created "Off Hojlund Trail" late 2003, beginning 2004 cant really remember when, but i then began to mine pretty seriously and bought up some decent gear too for protection.
I took EU pretty serious untill work had me sent away again, which all together from mid 2002 up untill mid 2007 summed up to being away from EU 2 and half year all together. What i wanna say with this is, ive mined seriously and used amps regularly, 103's when they were 160% and 130% besides that i was one of the first to break a 109 down(picked it up at auction at crazy price) so a serious miner, ofc with a little side buisness going on. Such as hunting and a longer crafting career after i sold my items, which ended up in some heavy losses on which i blame no one but my self, if i was to do it over i would have taken a different approach, but then i again i wouldnt know what i know today if i hadn't done it.

Last 2 years tho i have done nothing but mining, exept for my R&R's, and still havent got a Tower I feel frustrated frustrated as my skills are 95% or more natural, which means a SHIT load of bombs as i do unamped mining too, not much lately tho due to nice amp prices, but alot on the past.

I definatly understand all the flaming people are doing on the poor new souls hitting towers, and proudly presenting them on EF, but then again you cant really blame them for striking a big one, you can tho blame MA for letting new miners hit them that often.

Am I that much a Relic that MA forgotten me a loyal lvl 48 prospector that just keep pounding away at the grounds.

So next time you wanna blame a poor new miner for hitting a tower, and you a lvl 35 prospector feel cheated, just think of me, it could be worse.

1 million dollar question in the end, why do all "mining projects" in mining forum seem to make money when most others seem to be having a bad time ?

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  1. Sircus's Avatar
    Hi ,Saw you name on the entropia tracker as a guy who got tons of globals in mining :P Kinda surprised that you havnt had a tower. Though you dont post here anything if you profit or not. About that the "project mining thingy" I dont belive they post ALL they know. And if there is any truth to it.


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