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Green Rowan

..and so I lost my blogging virginity...

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I kind of hesitated before starting on this blog. I donít know exactly why, and I feel no inclination to analyze it. Who cares anyways ? ... But because a sentence ago I just lost my bloging virginity, thereís only one thing left to do: get on with it.

I don't know what, or when I will post.... At the moment I have no idea, but donít worry, somethingíll come to me. It may be a thought about Entropia, an account of something that happened in RL, a description of something I saw or dreamt about, or --if Iím in a good mood-- it may even be my recipe for garlic-rosemary baked potatoes.


So... letís see.... there are two things that happened today that I want to tell you about. But to do so, I will have to open my bitching box. So readers, if you are of a particularly delicate disposition, go away and do something else.

Two months ago I solemnly promised myself that I wonít do anything worth mentioning, that I wonít spend any more money before the damn CE2 VU. This morning in a moment of weakness, that promise has been broken.

I donít know why I did it. Maybe the boredom finally got to me, or perhaps I was hoping against better judgment that by some miracle, it wonít be all that bad. It was.

What did I do, you ask? I went mining. Nothing fancy, a light run around New Oxford, with 120 bombs and 120 probes.

I walked most of the time. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but because of the crappy financial situation, finding the occasional bunch of fruit or stumbling upon the odd pile of stones has become important. Every little bit that contributes to the health of your PED card, matters.

So there I was, tra-la-la-ing through the Amethera landscape, about half way into my run, when I saw a green point on the radar. The shaking of the screen (I hate that by the way) made it clear that it was a fellow miner trying his luck. So I did what I always do. I started to run, careful to give the man his space and trying to put some distance between myself and him.

It didnít help. A few seconds later the short staccato of a ML35 shooting me in the back put an end to my run. This sort of thing happened to me only once before, up on CND, but never on the planet.

I donít know about anybody else, but I prefer to try to beat the system, not to play against my fellow Entropians. The place is big enough for everybody; we all have a different set of skills, different equipment, and different luck. So, I truly donít think that we are competing with one another. We are competing against the MAchine. However, by thinking that I may be in a minority.

These days surviving in EU is hard enough even without some Bozo shooting you in the back. It isnít fun, and fun in EU is something even rarer than a resurrection chip.

This incident ruffled my feathers, so what do you think I decided to do? Yep... I decided to craft some amps...

I know what you are thinking. Donít say it!

25 click crafting run using my 100% QR OA101 BP... In those 25 clicks I got:

ē NO amps
ē NO residue
ē No near successes
ē NO materials back

The rest I leave to your imagination. I can only tell you that right now Iím heading towards the fridge. In there, thereís a big tub of Rum-Raisin, decadent, creamy, unctuous ice cream waiting for me.


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  1. Oracle's Avatar
    Nicely written first blog!

    (no disrespect to anyone else's blog though...I've just got home from the pub and read this but I promise I'll read yours at some stage also and post a comment)
  2. mbcalburg's Avatar
    I truly pity you... I can't imagine... the only advice i can give is to take up hunting...


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