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Green Rowan

Something is stirring...

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There are contrails on the skies of Calypso.... Monday a joint MA/FPC statement will be made....

Finally, there is some movement and I wish I could get excited about it. Unfortunately, I canít. Not anymore. All I feel is numbness... even the anger has worn away.

Itís a pity... Iíve waited and anticipated this conversion for so many months, that for me it has lost all his oomph and wa-wa-woom. Every time I think about it, all I can see before my eyes is the image of a half deflated dirty balloon that somebody forgot to clean up after the party in the back yard.

As for the announcement... I really do hope in would be clear and to the point. A while ago a piece about the future of Calypso was posted on EF... remember this?

ď... If you are patient then we will, together with you, create a kick-ass MMORPG and a no-bullshit atmosphere in the community. To summarize the four goals I set forward for the reinvention of Planet Calypso:
ē The vision of drama and storyline
ē The vision of the colonist
ē The vision of thriving business
ē The vision of community openness...

Marco CEO / Creative Director at FPCĒ

I still havenít found somebody able to explain to me what the hell does that mean?

That little gem of sidestepping and vagueness reminded me of Sir Humphrey Appleby explaining some civil service procedure to a dumbfounded Jim Hacker... but that was funny... MAís statements never are.

For those who donít know who Sir Humphrey Appleby is...



All I'm willing to say about whatís to come before the VU is:

woopty-friggin-doo! Now get on with it!


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  1. Oracle's Avatar
    Well Marco did begin his comment with 'If you are patient...'
  2. Green Rowan's Avatar
    Well... I for one canít wait to put this CE2 debacle behind me ...

    Maybe when the planet partners go live there will again be some dynamism and fun in EU.


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