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Plans for resettlement boxes.

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I have some plans for the resettlement boxes that MA gave me to hold all the stuff from my estates. I have not posted this service yet since it won't be live for real until I do have my apartments and booth working again... but anyways... the Resettlement Boxes each have 100 slots, and since I had 3 estates at the time 10.0 Vu hit, I got 3 of them. I also have several other boxes from pre-10.0, actually several purses that have 22 items slots each, a basic box with 50 item slots, and a few small boxes that only hold 10 items each. What I plan to do is store blueprint books in the boxes. That will give me a LOT of room to hold blueprints without blowing out my maximum inventory or storage slots available. I'll buy blueprints off of crafters at TT prices that they normally TT, and/or trade the blueprints to crafters where they trade me one blueprint of equal or higher level or market value. That way, various crafters are basically trading bps they normally TT to one another through this service, and I'll be filling quite a few books with as many blueprints as I can at the same time. That will give me the ability to start making my master blueprint library that holds the bps that I actually skill on or that I bought high qr bps for grow and grow while silmultaneously helping out the community of crafters. I want to help others and help myself too, and think there's a bunch of potential here. It will be a time consuming business, but it will be something to keep me busy when I'm not doing other things. I might even eventually change what I sell in shopkeepers and booth to just being blueprints if there is a lot of demand. I don't think I've ever seen a shop in Entropia Universe that focuses solely on blueprints lately. There used to be some in the past, but they never lasted too long... so there might be a market?...



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