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Last night, I crafted basic filters in hope that something special might show up. It never did

I think out of 10 peds of materials I ended up with about 8.5 peds of stuff back from it, so crafting in the latest vu is not really much different from the past... slow losses over time...

One thing that I did notice is that I kept getting an error if I hit the button too fast. I think I had to wait about 3-5 seconds in between every click for the click to actually work so that that message didn't keep coming up. That's pretty darn slow. I imagine folks that normally craft are probably getting frustrated with that lag since every click of the button is not going through. I suspect that this might be one way MA might be trying to weed out auto clickers, since it seemed like the error happened more often if I didn't move the mouse much. However, it might just be server lag. If that is the case, MA already needs to upgrade their servers asap. They also need to buy me a new mouse or give me some loot so that I can cash out and buy one myself since I'm going to blow out the buttons on mine if I keep clicking as often as I was and as hard as I was last night - I tend to click harder if I get frustrated. That #$%#$%! error message that kept my clicks from actually working is pretty darn frustrating. I am usually a hunter, but thought I might try some crafting since hunting is not as doable as it used to be since you can't aim for the health bars and night makes things super dark... and you can't really hunt in third person perspecive much, and if you do use the tt enblade-a as a flashlight, you have this gigantic pole taking up a lot of screen space in first person perspective. TT knife is a little better but not much since it's huge compared to the size of avatar's hands.



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