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Life According to this PE Addict...

For Boldar

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I remember the first time we met at Atlas Haven~
You were one Jamhot's guys & your face was unshaven.

You had a passion for Aussie football & music, especially Led Zeppelin~
If I was feeling down, You tried your best to make me laugh and grin.

We had many heart to heart chats under that tree~
You were a damn fine Entropian & a true friend to me.

You were the Leader of countless TP runs and rescued many find their way from an outpost~
Not seeing you at Atlas Haven, I will miss most.

I am deeply saddened to hear that your life had come to an end~
I am honored to have known you & proud to call you a friend.

Farewell dear friend

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Life According to this PE Addict.



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