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Hopefully 10.1 will be here soon.

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MA has majorly screwed up apartments until VU 10.1 comes... Apartments are not accessible. They still exist, and the estate terminals appear to be there, but the deed owners cannot place items in their estates yet. Also, Omegaton West Habitat is a wreck at the moment. There is no trade center, revival or turrets there so Atrax keep wandering around the place at random locations. Most of them have come from the Atrax LA to the southwest. Unfortunately, if you die at Omegaton West Habitat due to the Atrax there, you revive at the Atrax LA. That is unfortunate since it means anyone wandering around trying to find Omegaton has a good chance of getting trapped in the Atrax LA, which is sure to leave a bad memory if the avatar that lands there is not skilled enough or armed enough to take on several mid-level atrax down there to get off the LA since the atrax down there are in all directions around the revival point. It's not impossible to get out of there without a run-in with the atrax, but not if there's a bunch of hunters or n00bs there causing the mobs to run all over the place and gather in bunches.

The last few days, when I loggeed in to Planet Calypso, I have been crafting basic filters to pass the time in hopes that I would get an SGA item. I chose to do this since I have a 100 QR basic filters Blueprint, and am really not happy with the way that hunting is implemented currently since you cannot hunt by aiming at the health bar of the mob in question like you used to do before VU 10.0.

No SGA item came yet... but I did a few little runs on the basic filters with ok results. Usually, if I hit an ok amount of loot (30 pec or more looted), I quite shortly after that. Of course, I never hit any globals, but I am not really sure you can do that with filters since the total decay costs going in is only two pec tt value. I have gotten several peds of residue back on occassion. Unfortunately, the no loot clicks are happening a lot more often than I'd like, as are the 1 pec loots, which means I lost a pec on that click. Most actual successes are resulting in 5 filters being created. I'm ok with those if they happen since the cost to craft is only 2 pecs + a small markup amount... I'm a little ahead, but not a lot.



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