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Some phrases I came up with that I would use on certain people if they were worthy of them. They are not. :)
You can use them in your daily life though.

You have chosen to shut your eyes and your ears to the world, so shut your mouth as well.

I would not ask a blind and deaf beggar for financial advice.

Ostentatious vainglory is no match for logic and reason.

The worthlessness of a trinket is inversely proportional to the number of stupid people with fat wallets

When weighing up the reliability of an opinion, one can be count in peds cycled, in hours spent working, or in how many friends one keeps that possess those preceding qualities.

It is not possible to convince an insane delusional cretin that they are more right than they believe themselves to be

The art of the forum argument comes not from the posting of pictures nor from the quoting of other sources than yourself(sic)

Fighting words with ham-fisted arrogance and smugness is as tactile as an obese walrus.

Shrugging off a valid argument in the face of overwhelming evidence is so beyond the concept of idiocy that the human race would need to unevolve four billion years to be on your level of understanding. That is to say, we would need to be bottom-feeding plants.

People have stopped replying because they ceased to care. That conversation with yourself must be quite the method actor wanting to study what it is to become the nadir of society



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