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Stunningly uneducated, or is there some secret morality compass I am unaware of?

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Here's the situation.

A plumber wants to install someones house with a special type of bathroom sink, maybe it's made of an extremely rare type of marble who's incandescent hue can only be attained by slaughtering a thousand children. In the end, it it is extremely rare to find and very few exist.

For the same bathroom job, he also needs a certain type of piping that is used commonly in every household, but the company that produces this piping owns a monopoly over the entire magical-copper piping industry, charging exorbitant prices for essentially is a valueless chunk of metal.

The plumber, being the lunkheaded thickie he is, complains to is member of parliament, and to the tabloids of the utter greedy nature of only ONE of these parties he must buy from.

Apparently, a faceless gelatinous cube that extorts millions of people is fine, while and owner of rare marble should be raked over coals for wanting a few dollars for an irreplaceable item.
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  1. Oracle's Avatar
    Is this situation something that's been in the news Immortal or something you're involved with personally?

    Incidentally I know someone who buys marble cheap from some Greek bloke at £30 a slab then sells it to customers at £350 (if it's the right kind of incandescent hue) which some might think is good business, personally I think it's greedy and immoral.

    Point taken about greedy, capitalist monopolies though!


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