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So.. Blogging. Welcome to my humble little blog.

Earlier I held the EntropiaGateway blog, which was FPC's main information-feed to the community. That's gone now, and we'll be using the forum frontpage instead. Do you need to follow this blog to know the ins and outs of Planet Calypso? No. Ill have all the needed information shoved up front to the frontpage. On my blog, you'll find my personal little rantings, maybe some screenshots from parties or events I attend to. Casual stuff. Personal stuff.

So.. Personal stuff, huh? I guess I can start by introducing myself.

I am Hanne.
I am a North-Norwegian girl who have been living in Sweden for a year now, and at the writing moment its been 8 months since I started working at FPC. I moved from a small town with ~8000 inhabitants, to the much larger and more crowded Gothenburg. Although I've traveled the world for my whole life, I've never lived in a city this large before. I've seen friends and acquaintances morph into someone else on facing such great environmental changes. Their priorities change. Their ideals gets shaken.
But I still feel very much the same -and that's fine. I like myself. There's no shame in admitting that.

There's always people in this world, either it be real or virtual, who'll try to shake the foundation of yourself, try to knock the feet under you or make you doubt in yourself. And that's when you really start wishing you were home again. In front of a fireplace, with a blanket and a good book. And a basket full of cinnamonbuns. The world being outside a closed window, not letting in no matter how much the rain is hammering it.
Like everyone else I have those moments. But I think perhaps my greatest trait is the ability to take my home with me where I go. And that helps me immensely.

One of my homes is on Planet Calypso. I've been an inhabitant here since 2003 when I landed as under the name Skam. Its been a strange 7 years that have passed. I've changed. The Planet have changed. We've changed together, and this world have had a huge impact on who I am today no doubt.

So... welcome home.


  1. Nor Alien's Avatar
    Glad to be here!! Keep up the great work!!
  2. edeanp's Avatar
    I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself. (Maya Angelou, 1928)

    Happy to see you're settling nicely in Gborg. I can say, with certainty, that many of us in the FPC community look forward to your writings and what you bring to this little virtual place.

    North Norway will still be there when you decide to return for home cooking.
  3. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
    Hehe the Christmas-smiley were nicely timed Ill be going home for Christmas, will be a year since I was home last!
  4. xillonz's Avatar
  5. [FM]'s Avatar
    Mmmm GBG my born city , now live up north in Sweden insted and even if this is more home gothenburg will allways be part home for me as well
  6. XeroX2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hanne|FPC
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    Hehe the Christmas-smiley were nicely timed Ill be going home for Christmas, will be a year since I was home last!
    oha that is quite long I will be back home at christmas time too but that will be just like 4 months.


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