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Ty Williams

Their Aint Nothing We can do About it

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Hey we As The player we have agreed that anything they do or add or take is OK everytime we hit the AGREE button, im so mad about the game and i still log on...irl i dont complain and that is why i started th thread "is it wrong to just play" i am kinda hurt by the fact that the more i play and play, the more i realize im paying someones bills and not saving money to do RL things, i am also hurt that this game can do more than what it is and its not, I make video games, i also make Mods for games like Oblivion and Fallout 3... and this by far has a good ftuure if it was ran by clear thinking Mofo's, But answer this, Is this About MONEY, Or Is this about trying to make a VR EConomy.. to me it looks like MONEY, and if thats the case Micheal Jackson would be rolling in his grave to have a planet put in EU do u know why? Well ever been to a casino, i bet George Lucas gets Paid for every Star Wars Slot machine thats turned on.. I have people backing me in becoming a planet Partner, i have the planet partner Application the story for the planet and the direct connect funds to do so but for everything that its worth i mise well invest in making a game for XNA(a Independent Xbox 360 game engine) because i would not want to be in FPC's position, i have ideas that make me think MA would not allow me to do...Because it would be free entertainment,

So on behalf of all the video game programmers out there Im Sorry to the Noob Average And Uber Player.. and i hope that things get better here in EU..

i will still play and loose ped daily but i am feeling very confused about what is goin on here...

Hey Help me Understand

Respect to ALL EU Vets and Still Standing Rookies


  1. Harvest's Avatar
    Hi, really liked your post and tried to resist but...

    Yes we agree to the terms of use and what goes on in here but at some point it is uncomfortable. You move to a country, make friends then your government decides they are going to make life "better" for its people. Just like in RL better means for them, not us. If you knew EU's history you would know that almost everything that has been done makes the game less profitable and fun to play for the player. Most good has come from absolute necessity of change.

    MA has decided that they will become some type of investment bank, guess in theory they could own what every they want but if FPC goes cold and broke we will know exactly which way the money trickled out.

    Yeah, Mikes lawyers would probably be moon walking the crap out of someone right now if he was alive. NASA and MA almost teamed up and the community used to make jokes about how the poor kids were gonna quickly learn how expensive space is and how the kid would quickly ended up having to borrow money from his folks to keep playing. Those little kids are gonna learn that they cant moon walk as well as an adult with oodles of disposable cash.

    Your right, I dont think for one second MA would ever let you run so much as a pong game with out charging. Their idea of free play is how ever much sweat is worth an hour...and thats one of those things they made "better" over the years too o.O

    I wouldnt buy a planet or something similar until you have been around for a year or 2, but I think you will find your spider sense about this game does not go away.
  2. DavinFelth's Avatar
    I agree. I love Fallout and the add-ons are super cheap. I spend $50 on that game and it can last months. In EU my experience lately is that I depo $100 bucks, buy new gear and guns, ammo, etc. Go out and hunt cool mobs, team stuff, have a great time. Then... 3-5 days later I'm near where I started. I have to depo again or go back to hunting lesser mobs and doing stuff that isn't as "fun" or exciting. The only way I can continue is if I get lucky. If I'm more skilled, my avatar should be able to continue longer with same depo as last time. Now it's like.. .well you know the story. I'm just agreeing, I feel it's all about getting money and not adding fun. Add vehicles? Oh add crash damage and fuel costs. Add mindforce? Oh add decay on your implant. Anything the seem to add increases decay for them. Fun is relative to how much you spend in my opinion.
  3. Trina Xenophage's Avatar
    Id be VERY cautious of getting in as a planet partner...

    I dont see MA treating them much better then they do us players..Id be VERY scared simply because the clause MA will take over a planet in case of financial failure of the planet partner.

    They control the purse strings and could easily make a planet fail only to rebound once in their care after a partner did all the dev work and player recruiting for free. Pretty sure PP's have a TOU and EULA to govern them as well. (Tou= Taunt Our Users EULA = Entropia Universe Loss Agreement / Arrangement)

    But Im not a buisness person so... I just have to go on proven track records over time to base this opinion on.


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