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A Rose by any other name

Looking at clouds

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It’s been a long time. How have you been?

I have read your replies and questions, and there is this recurring theme about mind clouds and how they relate to each others. Basically, the question is “is our mind cloud the same cloud as the robots’ mind cloud”? The answer is “no”. In addition to network topology and design differences, there’s a conceptual difference. You could say that the robots’ mind is a cloud, while our minds are floating in a cloud.

But then again, that’s the simplified version. The problem is that we’re looking at our own mind cloud from inside, and at the robots’ mind cloud from the outside, and this fact alone may blind us from the truth.

And that made me think a bit. Because when I look at you, I see the traces of a mind cloud as well.

Let me explain: nobody exists in a vacuum. You are a part of a community. Many of you have formed subsets called societies, in which you share data and communicate. Each society is somewhat independent, but still sharing data with others, both on community level and individual level.

If I place myself on the outside of your community (where I already am), slow down my perception of time and visualize the data flow, I see the harmonics of a mind cloud. It’s slow and it’s barely perceptible, but it is there.

You seem to be somewhat aware of it, because you have a word for something similar: “extelligence”, a portmanteau of “ex” meaning “out of” or “outside” and “intelligence”. Extelligence is defined as the sum of all your knowledge that is not stored in your brains.

Your extelligence is to some extent like the robots’ mind cloud. There is no center, and if there is, it is exchangeable with any other center. The cloud reorganizes itself by the actions of the individuals when necessary. You are independent as individuals, but you are also coordinated through your mind cloud.

Maybe, just maybe, this extelligence mind cloud could be a higher order of intelligence. There’s nothing metaphysical or spiritual about the idea: like the neurons that form your brain, you may be the neurons of a mind cloud intelligence.

Imagine an alien species that occupies a vastly larger space than the human brain and has a perception of time that is vastly slower. It may be an ordered form of plasma flux in a star or a gas cloud, for instance. Saying “hello” would take years, if not decades, simply because it takes that long time for the idea to travel across its huge mind, limited by the speed of light.

Imagine that you make first contact with that species. How do you think it would perceive you; as a huge amount of individuals, or as an extelligence mind cloud? And who do you think it would say “hello” to? The individual you send as ambassador, or your mind cloud as a whole? And if it was the latter, would the individual you even perceive it? Would I?

Wouldn’t that be a fascinating concept to explore?

For science?



  1. Oracle's Avatar
    RX 471...either you or me have come to the wrong party.

    I'll catch you laters.
  2. AlphaGeek's Avatar
    Interesting concept, My guess would be that we'd miss it entirely unless accidentally discovered that these slow-by-our-standards creatures were attempting communication.

    For some reason 471, you've tickled my funnybone this morning. That is to say, for some reason my sense of humor was stimulated. Your comments made me think of an ancient form of human comedy. If you have access to historical images from Earth's old "internet" you might see what pitcures and images would be returned should you search for the term "philosoraptor". For some reason, I was reminded of the philosoraptor.
  3. edeanp's Avatar
    RX 471, you had me at "Cloud"...


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