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The Zychion Citadel Battle Series

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The Zychion Citadel Battle Series is an upcoming event series taking place on Planet Calypso, where colonists will battle it out every week in a giant free for all at Zychion Citadel. The stakes are high; prizes for the top three participants every week, as well as a grand prize every month for the player at the top of the monthly leaderboard. Societies will clash to prove they host the best player killers in all of Entropia Universe.

The ZCBS is the brain child of both Simon Simpe Szentes and Larkin Snipes Smith, two long time players in Entropia. Back in 2009, the idea of hosting a large PVP series took root when Simon and Larkin were talking one day at the oil rig. The vision of up to 100 players fighting in a giant brawl was an inspiring thought of where the event could someday lead. However at the time the idea was put aside for other projects and ventures. It wasn't until late 2010 that the idea finally started to take shape. After a few weeks of discussion, the general design of the event series had been established. The details were refined for a few more days before finally introducing it to the community.

"When people think of PVP events, they only picture uber players with expensive equipment." Simon stated when talking about the ZCBS. "There is a stereotype that all of these types of events are only for the rich and high skilled. We wanted to break away from the traditional stereotype and introduce a PVP event that was suitable for a wide variety of levels. The Zychion Citadel Battle Series is the product of this thinking."

With rules such as no armour, no healing, no vehicles as well as no radar, more emphasis is on real pking talent and less on how much money the player has spent on equipment. The main focus is to provide a fun and long lasting series of PVP events for everyone to enjoy, from newer players to the highest skilled.

The action kicks off on Saturday January 15th, at 17:00 MA time at Zychion Citadel! BxRabbitx Gaming Productions will be live on location to film all of the Battle Series action. Tune in after each week's event to catch all the updates on his Youtube channel!

For more information on this event series, click here.



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