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Title Change?

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Ha Ha! That rocks!

Did you know Runic Games' (Developers of Torchlight) Community Manager have a bit of an unorthodox title... Namely "Minister of Culture".

I wonder if it would suit me?

- Hello, sir. Why yes, I am the Minister of Culture for Planet Calypso.

No? How about Head of Trolls? Treasurer of Cookies? Harvester of Hugs? Flame Bait?


  1. Oracle's Avatar
    Off topic Hanne but in my weird imaginings I wonder if your life as the Emissary of the Entropian Ministery of Secrets is anything like that of the Chad Decker character in the "V" television series?

    Chad Decker: Do you have any questions before we go to air?
    Anna: Just be sure not to ask anything that would paint us in a negative light.
    Chad Decker: [long pause] Excuse me?

    Updated 01-11-2011 at 23:57 by Oracle
  2. GeorgeSkywalker's Avatar
    "Quiet but always listening" would be more apt,

    or perhaps "All seeing but never talking" , nah too similar to last one

    or "The Conformed" nah too negative !

    Hanne | FPC just perfect
  3. eoden13's Avatar
    Minister of Culture or Ministry of Culture just reminds me of 1984...

    speaking of which... what happened to the Avatars "newspeak" mumble when we started to type? I kind of liked it...
  4. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
    Haha Oracle, that's quite an interpretation

    GS: The Observer? :P

    Eoden: We've been talking about that too, and we'd love to get it back. Right now we could get the sounds but we don't have any programming to back it.
  5. eoden13's Avatar
    Sweet! that is awesome! simple but happy news.

    Thank you
  6. Spitfire's Avatar
    I'ld put you in the "Powers that be" group


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