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Penny Dreadful

Wireless is HELL! lol

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I hate M$ and the demonic beings who came up with wireless networking in the first place. First wireless ISP fuckups, then win7 wireless fuckups. This all equals No Internet for 2 days, and a complete win7 re-install! GAH!

So... that also means a complete re-install of EU. Oh how I wish there was a torrent alternative, but alas I will have no EU for over 24 hours since it takes that long to download on WIRELESS FREAKIN INTERNET!!! How will I feed my EU addiction?!

*sigh* Cheer up Penny, it could be worse... the only other internet service out here is DIAL-UP!!!


  1. Nor Alien's Avatar
    Gl with the withdrawls!!

    Nah, hope you get everything sorted and back to your enjoyment!!


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