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Me the Mentor!

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Never would have I thought of myself to be any sort of a Mentor, I've decided to try it on for size!

So as the first few hours of sweating with new people and trying to find just one disciple... It was starting to look like I was never going to find anyone, along come Joe... So i say 'Hello Joe' and we get to talking bout all things Entropia. So Joe Skid Marks still not sure if he wanted to be a disciple again after feeling used by his last mentor, asked me about a few things and I gave as much help as I can. So 1k or so sweat late I get my first ever disciple!

I look forward to guiding Joe in his Entropian adventures, as will I to help others.

Motto ( Do to others, that you would have them do to you! )

Kryto the Mentor!


  1. Liberty EXR-5's Avatar
    Well congratulations
  2. Kaotic85's Avatar
    So the one and only disciple that I had decided to leave me and try something, well I dint really know, it's not like he took the time to say goodbye So after that happened I thought I'd have a break! So like 4 or 5 months off, getting my life in order... Well I'm back now and ready to help the people of EU out.

    So I've been back in game for about 1 month and in this time I have acquired a total of 7 disciples and am enjoying helping new people learn new things


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