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Good start for "Calypso Land Deed Holders" group

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It was the last day of the year 2011....

I came home after a killing frenzie, taking out as many daikibas as possible. Man, those critters are a pest. They ruin good farmland and crops. I took out thousands, but it seemed like they were breeding like rabbits. I didn't notice any real drop in their numbers.

So I sat under a tree with a good drink, and pondered about this planet. This new planet which I have come to call Home. Sure, it was nothing like I had expected when I came here.

I had arrived here believing the promises they made. How this planet would offer me riches beyong believe. Well, I was wrong believing it. This planet has been extremely hostile to me. Yet... it was better than the life I have left.

Then came the government with their Land Deeds Idea. I confess, it was in a drunk mood that I signed, but I acquired a few of these much wanted deeds. They offer me a small share in the planetary income. Allthough this is important to me (I would not have bought if it didn't, not even drunk), I don't think this should be the main reason to have them.

Buying a deed is not an investment. It is making a commitment.

It is saying: Calypso is my home! I am bound to it, and I want to see this planet succeed.

The next thought was obvious: land deed owners should get together and discuss ways to improve the planet. Improve it in terms of community, economy, enjoyability. Increase our quality of life, our Gross Domestic Happiness, if you will.

A vision dawned upon me about how this could take please, and I took the first step on a path which will probably be a difficult track (much like everything around here): I founded the group Calypso Deed Holders.

In less than a week, this group signed up 70 members.

A very promising start indeed, which is a motivator to keep going on this path.

To all those who joined: welcome, and let us work together. Not for our own short term gains, but for the common good and long term benefits!



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