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Almost 5 - Preview

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Five years is a long time, but it is only the halfway point of my original plan for life in EU. May 10th will be my birthday and I'm going to spend some time reflecting on the past and looking to the future.

I stumbled on to EU and found it was like nothing I had ever seen and something I had long dreamed of all at the same time. I did not deposit at first, and even after I decided I would, I was going to wait until after I graduated as a disciple. I could see right away that the faster you tried to do anything, the more it would cost. From the beginning I chose a very long term plan to free myself from the race - taking my time and focusing on learning from personal experience as well as study.

Long term and big picture would be my outlook, and it has served me well. Long term thinking reduces stress and gives me room to try things out with patience. Big picture viewing keeps me from getting upset about the latest "crisis" facing EU, and from viewing everything on a purely personal level.

Those two things, combined with the mantra of "Adapt or perish", keep me moving forward with very low levels of stress, frustration, and anger. Adapt or perish means accepting that EU is dynamic - that it will continue to change as it grows - and that those changes may affect me positively or negatively, but it is up to me to adapt either way.

The result is that it is easier to view EU as whole, and not just how it affects me, which makes it easier to find the opportunities that come with every change instead of getting bogged down in the negativity that seems to accompany it. While is can be hard sometimes to see reasons behind some developments when they are introduced, it is much easier if I am not looking from my own point of view. The reasoning behind other changes only become clear over time, and some do defy all reason or sense.

This overall philosophy guided me in building a strategy to reach my goals, and helps me keep things in perspective along the way.

Up next - My original plan and my personal path.
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