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The First 5 Years

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10 Years was farther than I could see, and who could say what high level play would be then - so I figured I should have a 5 year plan to reach a platform - a level of participation from which I could build.

It was also something I could imagine. I wanted to be well-rounded, not balanced - a hunter that tried to mine well when needed, a well informed explorer who dabbled in crafting to slowly build some skills for later years. I'd have some sort of property, nothing fancy. I would be like those older players, who could all do amazing-to-a-noob things, and made Calypso seem so everyday-epic. Oh, and I would be able travel in space.

I didn't want or expect to be uber, but starting out those seemed like pretty big dreams when looking at my low budget reality.Taking my time, and going towards this goal, it's pretty much where I ended up. Plenty of things didn't happen the way I thought, but some of the dreamiest, like space travel, turned out to be quite easy to achieve.

I've reached hunting levels in the mid 50's, mining in the high 20's, and crafting in the tweens. I have a cheap apt on FOMA, just because (what is all that stuff on my desk anyways?), a fleet of vehicles, and nice variety of suitable gear. I've tried a bit of everything, just about, to get a feel for how it all works together, and I just keep coming back night after night for more.

The biggest thing - something that I sort of imagined without any idea how it would work - would be playing "EU" as whole, more than any one planet/game on it's own. This is something that only came to be in the past several months, and has really opened up ideas towards the next five years.

All in all, given the huge scope of EU and a limited budget, I feel like I have already accomplished quite a bit. That, combined with the growth of EU, has made my total experience so much better now than it used to be, back when it was just great.

Yes, there have been some big fail's along the way - but now is not the time for that.

Up Next: Looking forward...
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