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Schizoid scribblings

You'll like this Xaph :)

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The Anglo-Aussie love-in continues!

Richard Thompson & Fairport Convention :

"Hand of Kindness"

Hope you like it mate?

Updated 06-30-2012 at 22:41 by Oracle (added lyrics)



  1. xaph's Avatar
    Hats off to you
  2. Oracle's Avatar
    If it was anyone else xaph I'd say you were just trying to wind me up.

    I think you meant to post this video instead of the above cover, flattering though it was to the Great Man:

  3. xaph's Avatar
    Wind you up hahhaha

    I hope you enjoyed that although I think the Dick's tempo is far more original...Jeff was younger and I guess texture and tempo yet to come. Jeffs is a pretty awesome effort

    Now this is Schizoid ramblings is it ?
    Digressing again "are we sitting all comfortably" guess the album?

    Will this blow you away I hope! The Blues I'm a purist and follow many, but I think you'll like the raw edge of this Schizoid rambling.

  4. xaph's Avatar
    Wish the above track was not cut short it's epic and I have on vinyl;(
    May as well edit and add a superb track
    Updated 07-02-2012 at 10:56 by xaph (Duplicate man this thing dumped me 4 X I almost gave up)
  5. Oracle's Avatar
    xaph, yes cool tracks especially the first one and I do like Blues music. doesn't 'mix-and-match' other artistes alongside the Great Man!!!

    I honestly don't think you're ready for this next track xaph, I was going to leave it a bit longer until I was sure about you.

    But here goes:


    "Night comes in
    Like some cool river
    How can there be
    Be another day"

    Updated 07-02-2012 at 22:38 by Oracle
  6. xaph's Avatar
    Night comes in is absolutely fabulous thankyou

    No time have to fly in RL
    This is one of my fav RT.
  7. xaph's Avatar
    However I digress as often
    Cut my adolescence on this
  8. Oracle's Avatar
    Ah well, I Can't Win:

  9. xaph's Avatar


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