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Trying to get my butt back in the game

Rate this Entry harder then it sounds.
I don't think I've sounded this uncertain about anything EU related before in my life. Talking to someone who've kept updated, the sample conversation goes something like this:

"How much pyro skills you got?"
"Where are you on X Iron Mission?"
"How's your professional standing, can you use this or that?"

I feel like a schoolgirl again


  1. GeorgeSkywalker's Avatar
    It's like riding a bike. You may forget the small details but in the end it'll all fall together like a chocolate cookie ;-)
  2. Nor Alien's Avatar
    Your always welcome in the unverse!! I agree with what George said!
  3. NevadaJake's Avatar
    Hope to see you in-world. It's pretty awesome in a lot of ways now.
  4. Viperstrike's Avatar
    * grab gentlely the sides of your LCD monitor *

    Next breath in deeply

    then ... hold for a minute

    and let it out by saying, when logged into Entropia:


    Brought you you by Viper and ex Lavawalker :wise:
  5. xaph's Avatar
    Can we neck again
    Despite going a bit silent for a while the changes are prolific.
    I wonder if that's intentional to contain miscreants from the old world of gear!
    Yeah same learning curve
  6. Skam's Avatar
    Thanks guys! So far so good, have checked out the Feffox a quickie and gonna try eat my way through some missions to get some stats again :p
  7. Viperstrike's Avatar
    Good luck skam and all the best.

    5th time leaving, I chipped in 90k ped, and left with 9k ped but I am back again soon after.

    You will soon suffer the same addiction to game as the rest of us given time ;)


    and have fun hey!

    Kaos is waiting for you to join, needing a cut out skam each please ;)
    Seriously though we have a nice mix of male, female and male wanna be females
  8. xaph's Avatar
    GL Skam welcome to the ...change
  9. P-J's Avatar
    Like you I have just returned to the game I have the same sense of disorientation. This is PE but not as we knew it! Welcome back


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