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20130506 480 ped probes start ~ 60 ped remaining when I decided to stop the run

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Bought a Terrmaster 4 (L) (arkadia finder) and decided to drop a few probes yesterday.

I had a return of 445 ped, where 60 ped was Probes still remaining when I decided to stop the run late last night (about 4 AM)


Noteable loots: 2 kanerium ores, 1 Zand ore

both ores sold at auction quickly for about 400%~

my TT return of ores was 385~ped and after quick sale to auction I had a return of 519 ped

Even with decay of my finder and extractor (total 17 ped), I seemed to profit a little bit by markup.. Will continue doing my second run tonight



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