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Come Hither... sit... Drink some of my EntropTEA

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here you go pal.

so.. this game.. quite interesting, isn't it...
I think it can be costly. IRL.

at times I feel this rush.
want to be the best.. best dps.. best armor.. etc etc etc...
well.. I feel that way sometimes.
probably not a very smart (economical) way to feel eh?

I think that way of thinking would most likely get me in trouble..
I realize this is so when I see others making not so economical decisions..

you could probably save a lot of peds shooting a gun like a mod merc..
I suppose.
I'd be a bit concerned
If something happened like what is happening with the imp/mod faps right now...
thinking their value just went out the window with introduction of 2350/60 faps...

perhaps?....... we'll see.

guess this game can be challenging in many ways...

perhaps swunting is a better option?'s just so damn boring.

guess I'm a bit lost in this game myself...
but I know one thing is smart.
to stay eco.

stay eco. conserve peds...
craft for mu
or mine for mu if you're miner (I don't mine)

I guess we'll drink this cup of tea to 2015.
here's to staying eco
slow your role and dont rush the game......


  1. Hypnotyk's Avatar
    Stick to your swunting log and achieve your goals!

    If you ever feel urge for uneco hunting or wasteful spending, you're more than welcome to come back on my stream haha. Who knows, you might be lucky and win some PED again


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