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The Missing Element in Entropia

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I can't quite put my thumb on it to be honest. But, there is an element missing in Entropia. If I had to explain it, it would be "life." There is not enough "life" in Entropia. Or.. Life-like-ness? I guess one could say.

I get hung up in the rig-a-ma-roo... The run of the mill Entropia play.. it's groundhog day every day in Entropia.. It's bland.

But I love this game. Who am I kidding, I don't love this game, I'm just hanging on because I've already got so much invested that I can't just up and go.. To no surprise even console games are outpacing Entropia in gameplay and graphics. Entropia needs that spark to reignite..... but is that spark just a fantasy of mine that I need to let go?

Is it?
Can COMPET be that spark!

I want to be more optimistic, but I'm just not feeling it. I want to believe COMPET will be great....... but that is actually going in the wrong direction for me. I believe it "could" be fun, but it'd just be a temporary cure to the real problem, which is... the gameplay and graphics of Entropia...

Can I complain?
Sure, it's my god-given-right.

Should I complain?
Yeah. Because I can and I want to... not that anyone's listening but I think it's appropriate for a "blog" setting.

So allow me to dream a bit. What is this spark I am referring to you might ask?

I want to run my avatar to a terminal..... it's like........ a "team terminal"
we already have teleports.... and... this thing where if you register for an EVENT it will warp you right to the event. wow. so..... um.

I go up to this "team terminal" or whatever it's called...
and... just like in the auction terminal which has OFFERS and ORDERS, this team terminal has SEEK and SEEKING...

SEEK is to make a request for a teammate with XX dps... and XX range (or melee) .... there is no fee to use the team terminal, completely free.. so you can join existing teams just like "that" ...... and you're teleported....

yeah there are always problems and things that need to be worked out.... like loot for example... how can you trust these random joe's ... idk that part.

just trying to find that spark. I'm not really a developer.

How about an island with idk... a mixture of mobs?
seeing a field of the same mob over and over doesn't seem very lifelike to me..... yeah it has it's benefits I guess.... the AI of mobs is not very lifelike..... they hardly move.

I think Calypso Depths gets pretty close to a lifelike scenario at least when compared to a game like "Bloodborne."

Just venting here. I've strayed from Caly Depths because I had a major loss in returns during a recent run down there..... scared me away.

That's another factor... I guess.... it kinda kills the "fun" of the game knowing that I could lose money.

Puts this game into another perspective for me......... perhaps I should just quit? explore other games like "No Man's Sky."

.................................................m aybe I just need to take a hiatus from this game....... I am looking forward to "farming" on plot deeds, but that hasn't been implemented yet.


  1. morey's Avatar
    I totally just found out that there is a Blog post part to EU forums.

    Im guessing you want a dungeon finder type thing. Kind of like the ones back in WoW?
  2. Captain Jack's Avatar
    Yeah a team terminal would be nice. I love to team hunt - it's my favorite activity ingame. I
  3. Legends's Avatar
    I feel much the same way, and I thought the answer might be to have more Raids, so I posted this:

    Group PvE, aka Raids (that-requires-a-team-of-players)


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