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Lumber Jacking

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So Yesterday I tried my hand at what is a new to me tool in game the 'Terratech PH-1' the tree chopping device at the trade terminal.

So after some research on how to use said device I set out on my adventure for lumber... Oh look this tree has a HP bar this is the one I'm after... So I continue along my merry way and into some dense forest and without even noticing the mobs 'cornundacauda' continue to harvest wood, nxt minit there 7+ mobs on my behind... Did I run! Never I must have wood!!!

So to in the whole trip of being a lumber jack I could only fine the one type of tree to harvest, it had what looks like two thin trees close together and had a faint yellow/beige circle in the middle of the two trunks. This may be due to the tool as its only able to acquire tier 1 materials. So to sum this all up I did make my PED back from the wood and shavings its just too bad about the poor mark-up on these two beginner materials!

So what do you think of the new harvesting trade line form players?



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