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Jack Ma says he prioritises

1) Customers

2) Employees

3) Shareholders

Well anyway, that's what he claims and he does come across as an honest guy I reckon.

And in a televised interview he said that his philosophy of putting customers first has led to happy shareholders.

But with 'our M.A.', well I don't know what their priorities are because I don't think they've ever been voiced?

However I for one don't feel valued as a customer and never have done.

Getting an email reminder that I've not logged in for a while doesn't cut it with me. Call me cynical but those emails just mean that they're missing my deposits.

I think M.A. could find a way, if they had the will, to make players feel more valued and appreciated.

Just off the top of my head they could reward long-term players by giving them some kind of dividend, taken from their profits thus not affecting the in-game economy, based upon annual spend.

This might not be do-able (for all I know) but just threw this in as a suggestion as one way to show appreciation to players.

Another thought just came to me....I don't even feel like a customer or participant. I feel more like an employee!!

Yes! I feel like an unappreciated, underpaid employee of MindArk?

Maybe that's because EU has become more like a chore nowadays?

I need to think about this some more.



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