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Component quest 010

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Wow, it's done. The first of the Monria BPs completed, Monrian power system

this bp took approximately 26,200 clicks to finish and gave me two globals and a silent global when I looted an EP recycle I BP with TT value 0.36 ped. I did 10 clicks on the bp for fun (breaking even) and then sold the remaining 0.28 TT value for about 230 ped.

Completing this bp was hard as the monrian resource Zoldenite had a reasonably high MU (about 150%) and the supply wasn't always great, quite a few days I would clear auction completely of this and still not do that many clicks. Somedays I also had to clear arkadia and monria auctions to get my hands on the resource hehe!

Thanks to everyone who bought my finished products, I sold every signal one on auction for reasonable MU which helped reduce my losses.

Onwards now to basic sensor at 0.16 click (which was about the same as what monrian power system was costing per click).

Till then,
10/167 complete
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