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Component Quest 011

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Reached 100 QR with basic sensors this evening bringing me up to a total of 11 QR 100 BPs in my collection

This was a nice BP to click as the basic sensors had good MU (about 130%) and the ingredients required to click the BP were not so expensive to get hold off.
As far as I can remember I hit only 1 global which came on my second to last run and was a very unexpected surprise

While crafting this BP I have been slowly bidding on a wide range of component BPs needed to finish my quest and I was able to obtain about 10 new ones via auction for my collection. I'm browsing auction at the start of every new run to fill the gaps in the book.

My plan for the next few BPs is to work my way through the level 1 components in cost per click order which puts the next BP on the list as monrian plating at 20 pec per click (I may finish conductors 1 out of sequence as i've been clicking this one with oils I loot from hunting activities).

If the supply of materials is good I hope to finish this BP within 2 months but we will wait and see . Of course as the blueprints get progressively more expensive to craft my completion posts will get further apart
I have now been questing for more than a year

Till then 11/167 completed,
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  1. LavaSparks's Avatar
    Interesting project. Do you keep track of total return/losses per BP "done" and care to share?
  2. matthew's Avatar
    At the moment i dont't keep track of profit/losses on my runs. Im thinking of tracking a few bps at some point and will share 🙂


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