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Component quest 012

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Monrian plating complete

A great BP to click with several good hits including 3 globals (totaling about 200 peds) and 1, 400 ped hof. The HOF came on the very last click of a 1005 click right so i'm very happy i clicked those extra 5 clicks.

MU of resources needed was a little high but i think over all i didn't lose too much on this BP thanks to the nice hits and the plating themselves could be sold for about 130% which was useful. The resources were in plenty supply so no issues there either.

While completing this BP i was able to buy a Mechanomatrix adaptor II bp for 20 ped of auction after having lost a pervious auction battle for the same BP which resulted in the bp selling for more than 100 peds (mostly my fault for bidding so wildy). This completes my collection of level II bps . As level III BPs are still way off on this quest I won't be prioritising buying the remaining few level IIIs i'm missing and wait and see what i might loot.

The next BP to tackle on my quest will be Galaxy SI ion conductors. Although 0.21 ped per click compared with 0.2 ped for the plating, SI ion conductors will probably be cheaper per click as the MU on the resources are less. Hopfully i'll get through this is a month or so

As always thanks to everyone who sold me resources for the plating and for everyone who bought my platings of auction

Until next time 12/167 complete
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  1. Legends's Avatar
    Very interesting and fun project! Looking forward to your next entry!


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