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Day 1:

Heya I have seen many peeps doing hunting logs and its a lot of fun to see the returns from people also the stories that go along with it. So I decided I will post my own logs here.

Total Peds: 2130.22

Hunt 1

BatSim Photonic R1 L Efficiency 61.6%
Longreach 4
2 x Bulleye 8
Adjusted Pixie + 5B
Vivo S10

Weapon = 8 Ped
Ammo = 551.01
Armor = 10.35
Attachments = 29.38
Healing Kit = 0.85

Total Cost = 599.59 TT
Total Return = 519.93 TT
W/M = 542.30

WO/M Profit/Loss = -80.26
W/M Profit/Loss = -57.29

Return WO/M = 86.71%
Return W/M = 90.45%

I honestly do not have that much time during the week. So I have to play across 2-3 days to go through all this ammo. I was focusing just on Cornundacauda highest maturity. I found a nice spawn of them, but I got a little bored so I did my level 1 daily token mission and also Argonaut cave daily mission. My goal is to complete the Cornundacauda mission chain, then from there Foul mission. Overall though the hunt was good, I had some loss to be expected but with markup I can recoup some of that loss. Until next time!



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