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Hunting Blog: Day 4

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Hunt 4

[ArMatrix BP-15 (L)]
Longreach 4
2 x Bulleye 8

Weapon = 40 Ped
Ammo = 431.76 Ped
Armor = 11.89
Attachments = 22.23
Healing Kit = 4.93

Total Cost = 510.05 TT
Total Return = 510.23 TT
W/M = N/A

WO/M = 0.18 TT
W/M = N/A

Profit/Loss = -247.27

Woo Hooo! Big money 0.18 PECORINOS of profit . There is not much to say on this hunt. I am glad it wasn't a loss, I stuck with corn for a while then switched to Foul. I still did the daily argo cave and this time I added the feffoid cave. I did participate in the robot attack on fort lahar so that might of afffected my return overall. I got a global this run through as well, it was like 120sh pedder from a berycled young .



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