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Hunting Blog: Day 5

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It's not really day 5 it takes me a few days to go through the ammo lmao.

Hunt 5

[ArMatrix BP-15 (L)]
Longreach 4
2 x Bulleye 8

Weapon = 39 Ped
Ammo = 431.76 Ped
Armor = 15.21
Attachments = 22.23
Healing Kit = 3.67

Total Cost = 511.87
Total Return = 401.80
W/M = -110.07

Profit/Loss = -357.34

Sad day..... lol. I did my daily missions, daily cave... hmmm that is about it. I guess I had fun? It's all good I know it has its ups and downs. I am actually having some fun, did not loot anything of importance. We will see how the next hunt treats me =).


If you guys have anything you want to point out for a better hunt next time let me know



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