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Hunt 6

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Hunt 6

Isis LLC 2 Merry Edition (L)

Weapon = 15 Ped
Amp Repair = 2.55
Attachments = 24.49
Ammo = 232.82
Healing Kit = 7.96

Expense = 282.82
Return = 287.98

Profit/Loss = 5.16

Running Profit/Loss = - 352.18

I noticed I still had the Merry Edition Rifle from killing all those snarg! I would have to say hunting smaller mobs was kinda fun it took me a long time to go through all the ammo because I just did not have enough time to play. I went from hunting Exo to Small robots from Fort Sisyphus, I looted a ton of small guns and amps. It was all pretty exciting overall it was a good run.



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