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Coel's Blog: Forays Into Hunting Futility

Argocide: 440 PED Ammo = Waste of Time

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Evening, Feb. 8, 2008 After Work

I return from work around 5:40 PM and decide to get on EU and think about what to murder. I decide to head to the Argo Orb, as I've shot that place up for countless hours and several days, but never got much luck out of it. I figure eventually, sooner or later, as MA Support always tried to reassure me, "my luck will improve". Stupid, silly me.

I bring along 500 PEDs' worth of ammo for the occasion. 30K of medium, 20K of light cells. I top up repairs on all my main gear, including Ghost armor and guns.

The hunting is rather boring tonight. I'm getting less items than usual (which is already lower than normal, because--well, because it's ME). There's only one other hunter in the area. I hunt there for about 3.5 hours straight, by the time I'm done, I weigh about 378 kg. At one point, a miner scampers through leading a train of argos, and asks for help. I finish off 3 or 4 Youngs for her while she heals up, before thanking me and running along on her way, dropping more bombs.

About 40 minutes into my hunt, I mention I'm hunting by the Orb to a society mate who also has legendary bad fortune. I'm getting really bad loots and more than normal no-loots for a period of time, and I see her say in society chat, "Loots are pretty good here now." Within 15 minutes of her joining the argo-grounds, she globals. What the hey, even avatars with chronic bad luck have their fortunes improved just by hunting near me.

She leaves after less than an hour, while I continue on, committed to the area and the wasting of argos. Over the 3.5 hour period, I see maybe 15, 20 globals on argos in the maturity range I'm currently hunting. One went to my society mate, others went to the only other person hunting out here. I get not a single global. I practically hunt until my A105 breaks on my M2875.

I loot the usual minimal-markup crap: a Knight thigh and Nerve Blast III chip, both with low TT (each about 8.90 PED value). I loot maybe 5 skulls, also with minimal TT value. All told, a very disappointing (but all-too-typical) hunt.

Ammo & Decay Cost: 560 PED

Loot TT Value: 273.27 PED

Wow, it sure sucks to be me.



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