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The (former and current) life of "Doer"

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Begin entry: 2005.11.14
Note: If you are reading this, it is most likely that I am no longer among you; I have instructed my system to post it to the 'Nets only when it will not endanger me. I am writing this "huddled" in my soulcubicle on Exodus, waiting for my case to be processed and my new life to begin. What follows will necessarily be a brief reconstruction of events as best I can remember them, for the original account was lost when our ship was destroyed en route to Calypso. It seems I don't find the downloaded state as disconcerting as many people do. There must be something to be said for comprehension of the technology at play, and if anyone can claim that, I suppose it is I.

For introduction it will suffice to state that my name is of no consequence it is merely one of countless destroyed by the senseless intrigue and corruption that seem to be omnipresent parasites of our corp civilization. However, I feel it worthwhile to expose the truth about what has happened to me as I made my small but hopefully meaningful sacrifice to the cause of humanity.

My origins were in a small farming subsidiary of Chikara corp with operations near the Rocky Mountains and Snake River of North America, Earth. It is a tragedy that so few of humanity in this age are so lucky to see open green expanses, much less walk through them: in spite of the meager income trickling down to my parents it was, in many ways, a charmed existence.

My fascination with the green living things of Earth was surpassed only by the draw of the unknown, the void. The rumor of a new haven of life, real life, out among the stars grabbed me, gripped all of us with anticipation and hope. I thought it pure serendipity when the corporate recruiter appointed me to the corp technic school. What could be more exciting than being a part of the coming wave of technology and discovery?

The excitement stayed with me throughout the indoctrination. Blueprints and equations and wonder seeped from the day into my dreams -- and so did Lirio. She was taboo, but there she was: stuck in my mind. Perhaps you have heard of Pesado? A superdense turd of a planet, Pesado is one of the dozens of mistakes of colonies perpetrated by the greed of corporate mentality and one of the worst. The colonists had to sign a death sentence to land on Pesado, to throw off humanity. I didn't know this when I encountered her, my first Pesano, of course all I knew was that I had heard an angel sing. Growing up in that dense atmosphere, her musical gifts had taken on subtleties beyond mere human capability: her singing could bring a stone to tears.

That's why she was allowed Earthside, of course (the all-powerful Credit). It's not even a surprise to me anymore to see laws bent or broken at the whim of a corp, but at the time I was still naiive. I didn't even know that the Debits were showing up on my record every time I contrived some reason to pass through the xenohabs to see her; I just found life more and more worth living.

It all came crashing down at the end of my indoctrination course.
End entry: 2005.11.14
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