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List of Nice Loots

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First Uber Hunting Loot: 1150ped Argonaut Guardian. Achieved 29-3-8. All TT food Though i am gradually using the 10k thyoid in metal ruds for skilling and maybe unlock bpc.

Still find it odd i have had three XXI finds (lyst, caldo, blaus) and mine maybe a tenth of what i hunt. But I am beginning to understand that hunting+mining are intertwined. Still trying to figure out how crafting fits.

Highest TT Hunting Loots
1733ped Formicacida weak (8?-4-8)
14xxped Ambulimax Young (9?-4-8)
1150ped Argonaut Guardian 29-3-8
979ped Aurli Hunter
716?ped Aurli Soldier
560ish Falx Young (team)

Great Loots
Ambulimax -136ped Esi 28/3/8
Ambulimax - 173ped Esi
Trooper - Full TT Hermes Footguards (F)
Berycled Prowler - 163 ped esi

Nice Finds
1979ped Lyst (OA102)
XXI Blaus (OA 102)
1608ped Caldorite (unamped)

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