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Filling the lootpool, one bomb at a time.

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I don't know what else to say about mining on the planet other than it just plain sucks ass right now. Mining was slow on CND so I figured I would come down and unload and explore the planet a bit. I started dropping and 23 NRFs later finally hit a claim. Now, on CND this is normal but on the planet as well? Aside from the run where I had XVII and XX claims every single run on the planet has resulted in double digit losses. We are talking some 30-40 150+ ped runs. Some, like the one last night, are <50% return. I am seriously beginning to think there has been a nerf on the mid to low level finders on Calypso to help accomodate the new uber finders. Honestly if this continues much longer I don't know what I am going to do. I guess for now just press on and see if I can push through whatever is keeping me from finding claims.

A friend said "Maybe you are just going through that bad loot cycle you went through with other avatar" My response, aside from one awesome run it has been a constant bad loot cycle. Even with hunting, take away my massive 62 ped Sabakuma Global and every hunt has been a loss.

So, I said screw this and went and chipped my Engineering chip back in. I was not going to do it but what the hell. This pushed me to about L 3.75 in Mechanical pro standing. Away I clicked on filters, low and behold a 23 ped click and I profited on something on the planet! Now for some dampers. I knew it was still a bit too soon to do this but had a couple more nice residue drops and made a few ped. Then on to Springs and Servos. Lost a little on the springs but made a little on Servos. Maybe this new avatar is supposed to be a crafter.

Anyhow, I figure something has to change on the planet for me to survive there. I will continue to mine but may need to cut it down a bit. With ore prices plummeting on a daily basis unless you get 85%+ return you are losing ped mining.

This is another thing that is somewhat bothersome. Ore and Enmat prices have dropped considerably over the last week or so. Some like Duru are down 20% and continue to fall like rocks, no pun intended. Now, one would think since the cost to craft is WAY down the prices on tools and weapons would go down, nope. It's a crafters dream right now. This is why I am holding all my ores and enamts in storage until things turn around. I put Duru in right at market at 137% a few days ago only to see it drop down to 133% in a day while my ore sits unsold in auction. Are there fewer crafters? Is there a surplus of ores and enmats? Someone dumping mass amounts of every single ore and enmat well below market? Who knows. All I know with the decreased hit rate and lower prices making a profit on the planet is all but impossible unless you global.



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