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CGA Unlocked

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Finally unlocked CGA after 3 long weeks of pretty much non-stop dropping. I am more surprised I did not go broke during the last 3 weeks as a noob but the ups and downs surely wear on the nerves a bit.

Anyhow, I was going to unlock it on CND but mining was bad and I had a ton of ores and enmats to unload so I went down and figured I would unlock it on Calypso, it is Calypso Ground Assessment after all. I took 50 bombs to TI as I figured that should about do it. I was wrong and while I did hit a XIV 77 ped Cobalt I was not getting skillgains. It was late so I figured Sunday would be the day. I took 50 more bombs and headed N of Ithica. I had never been to the far N before. I will probably not be going back Very few claims and not many skills again.

So I sit there, looking at the pro standing bar, and it's damn close. I grab 50 more bombs and head for E of wolverine. I usually do OK here. As I drop I am still getting no skills. Then finally a few skills and some crappy III claims start popping. With 10 or so bombs left I see the green message, CGA Unlocked! Then...A claim...IX Copper That is basically MA saying congratz on your unlock, here have some TT food. Whatever...Mission

Skilling up my guns is slow going. I had a good hunt in Dome 3 Friday night with an emikS30 but my god, hunting on the planet was just horrid. I tried Swamp Camp, E of PA, Atlas H and Camp Phoenix and the number of no loots was just bad. None the less the P1a is a nice little pistol and decays very little so this should get me through to the next SIB pistol no problem. My M2a is almost spent so I will need to find another low TT one soon.



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