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Mine, Mine....

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Sorry about that title. We took my 5 yo and 1 yo sons to see Finding Nemo...On Ice this weekend. One of my favorite parts is the Rats with wings saying...Mine, Mine....I dont know why, it just is.

I only did about 6 runs on CND this weekend and actually had pretty good results in the end. Naturally saved by a XVIII Gang 467 ped claim on the last run of the weekend. At this point if I can even just break even in the end the markups will cover decay, travel costs and auction fees and I gain skills and have fun in the process. I guess that is what it is all about anyway, isn't it? I mean I have enough ped to stay I CND for 4-5 days at a time doing 2-3 250 ped runs a day so it can't be all that bad even when mining up there is really bad.

I cheated again and bought a 9.51 ped ENG chip. This pushed me to almost L8 Mechanical so only 2+ more levels to go for BPC. I am debating buying another chip and just be done with it but I am doing ok skilling on Jesters and Dampers so I might just stick with those until my BPs are maxed and see where I am from there. While I am mainly a miner I really want to give crafting a serious go and I am getting antsy to click on my Breer M1a BP. Would be sweet to loot another Breer BP in the process.

I had my first crafting global and Plastic Springs. Only a 60 pedder but I finished the 275 ped run +8 ped plus the markup on the springs so I was very happy about that. Hopefully there are many more to follow.



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