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My Journey to Mediocrity!

Beginning my Journey

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Hey everyone! Some of you might know me, most won't but here goes! I have been in EU for 2 years and what can I say? Im a noob. My skills suck (just under 15k) I have little in the way of equipment (my best armour is ghost, and Fap 80, EK2350) and I have 75 peds to my name now.

In the Legion now, and to move up to the NBK I need to get to 25k skills-and I want to do that without depositing again (But I probably will ). Subscribe to my blog and Ill let you know how things are going down my route of learning and adventuring and see who I meet on the way! It wont be fast or easy if I don't plan on depositing again, but I think I can get there if I play it smart-something I haven't been able to do in 2 years

Thanks for the Interest, and come back soon!

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