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My Journey to Mediocrity!

First Steps

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Ok then! I have been away for a few days at Leeds Fest 08, and loved it! Great bands, great sounds-fantastic party, and would thoroughly recommend it!

Anyways, back to the mission at hand! I have currently sold/ttd most of my rubbish in storage-I have also put into storage my armours and main equipment to remove temptation (although have ghost on me, my fap 80 and EK2350, and tp chip-these will only be used if I get into a sticky situation such as being stuck at an outpost-ghost will provide ample protection, and the faps and tp chip should get me out of trouble )

All I have on me now is 75 peds of ammo, an opalo (and recently mentioned (yet out of bounds unless circumstances require) equipment.) Starting off, I headed to camp caravan for a small hunt and sweat. I have been trying to offset the ammo costs by only shooting once I have gained some sweat from the mobs-getting a 20 off a snable young for example means that you get the loot for free-the sweat has paid for the ammo (roughly 5 opalo shots.) Hopefully this will enable me to offset losses, and have a constant gain-So far, the skills have been progressing nicely, and will do a quick count and update once I use up a nice amount of ammo.

I hope to stay in caravan (moving to swamp once I get bored to sweat and kill dry mobs) without going to storage and at the very end check the tt and markup of my loot, add it to sweat value and see what I get from my 75 peds of ammo! I will post the loots and gains here once this is done-then a rinse and repeat will be in order!
Stay safe people, subscribe and I will get back to you soon with my journey-Hope to meet some of you on the way!
Frankenberry-NBK Legion



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