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My Journey to Mediocrity!


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Ok I have had a little play around, and gained just over 100 skills since I started, using up 15 peds of ammo, 20 peds return (including sweat that I have sold to cover it.)

No items of note, just a couple of pixie arms, some hairgel e.t.c. It is going quite nicely, I have another disciple and have gotten another 7 or so recruits into the NBK which was nice If I get reinstated to colonel I might do a little pruning to get rid of the inactive ones that we don't see anymore as it would be nice to see the soc a little smaller but more closely knit

I did some sweating with plummer today but the loot was terrible, roughly around 15-20% return, only because we killed them when dry it was really ofset a bit, but we still lost. I gained a 5 ped snable on the way back though, so it brought up funds a bit, which was pretty cool-Its nice hunting small mobs again, when small loots make a big difference to the hunt

I also designed a T shirt for the competition that is going on, check it out
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and comment if you like it

Hope to see you back again soon, Ill update once I get some real skills in
Frankenberry-NBK Legion



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