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EF Maniacs

  1. levithanikos
    Yes I am ... And i'm proud of it
  2. lareka
    Hiya Planning to give up game and convert fully to here ... love it.
  3. Borr
    Ah, i wanna be with the in-crowd as well!

    Dangerous VU for my productivity
  4. endermigne
    Well, it can't hurt to be in this nice group.

    Uhm... erm... can it?
  5. Borr
    not sure endermigne. i could report you, maybe that hurts?
  6. jim_T
    Are you sure you want to join the group called "EF Maniacs"?

    HELL YA!!!
  7. levithanikos
    Only 9 members.. .we are kidding right? ... lol

    Should have be AT LEAST all the Senior Members in this Group
  8. MindStar9
    Finally got my purplness up in here ... definitely a group worth joining since I DO consider myself an EF Maniac ... just fits! Very creative and appropo MrAdminMan.
  9. Rockchick
    You gotta love it
  10. RazorFire
    I spend too much of my time at work logged into EF
  11. lareka
    11 is still not much, ladies and lads. Let's go out and promote a bit ....
    711, would be ROCKING if we had a 'social groups' button right on the Home Page (like 'my groups or something). if it already exists, sorry for ignorance and pls tell me where it is ;o))
  12. endermigne
    Any idea if posting here or social stuff in general helps to get the activity up?
  13. Svarog
    22000+ patients and only 11 had balls to admit their addiction?
  14. lareka
    The problem seems to be to find the group to begin with ... plus you don't see when there's a new post in your group right away. But then ... 711 can't fix it all at the same time, so patience . Love the new EF loads ... esp since I have to take a EU summer break
  15. MindStar9
    Ok, that pic is just too cute. Wonder if that will be me and Moonie one of these days (far in the future) standing at the end of the Pier of Tranquility at Corinth Beach!
  16. MindStar9
    ok, let's see ... what can I report as an "EF Maniac" ... oh ya, my activity is up to 71% now since I'm not teaching the first half of Summer!
  17. levithanikos
    EF Activity 92% reached today , my ATH is 93% ... will i ever be the only to reach 100%?
  18. levithanikos
    EF activity 95 % ... I'm trying to reach 100% , but seems impossible !
  19. levithanikos
    97% and going ... i think i found the trick for 100% Activity
  20. endermigne
    hey levi, do the words "bed" and "sleep" mean anything to you anymore?

    Shh... since we're with the group here would you share your 100%-secret with us? Please?
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