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  1. kpward
    First Message in this Group is "Welcome All". Come by and network with us West Coast Americans....
  2. kpward
    Hi Mystrin... guess you beat me to the punch... you already joined the Soc group. LOL. Welcome.

  3. Mystrin
    woot woot West coast!
  4. Mystrin
    Cool more peeps joining up!
    So Darri if you want me to look into things up north how many people we thinking?
    Make it a BYOC ( Bring Your Own Computer ) thing, or host at a LAN center?
    I need details.
    BYOC is alway nice as it opens up hotel convention rooms to use.
  5. kpward
    Hi Mystrin,
    I was thinking of a hosted event but those are harder based on the EU install. First check out the ability to host at a LAN center... we can go down either path but hosted is usually better performance for everyone.
  6. Mystrin
    Mk, Ill just need to see about how many have interest in it to get the gist of how much space will be needed.
    Hotel event rooms are usualy just a fee for the room while LAN centers are a per person cost.
    My xfire is Micro1394 if you want to discuss
  7. Dirk Rand
    Dirk Rand
    I thnk it would be better in a LAN Center. I know my Laptop does not do Eu very well and alot of people may not have a computer to bring with them.
  8. kpward
    I do agree on the LAN center preference... one of the local ones here in Sacramento have nothing but 60" HD screens. I'm getting spoiled...
  9. Mystrin
    I understand about being spoiled, I run a 22" HD Widescreen at home
  10. kpward
    So any specific feedback on the June 7th proposed date for a gathering in Northern California??
  11. Mystrin
    I might be able to, I'll talk to my GF and she if she wants to make it a weekend roadtrip.
  12. Jed
    I'm going to be in SF the entire week before June 7th, but I have to be back to work here in Washington that weekend.
  13. Mystrin
    Well if she and I come down we would have to drive, frigging flight will cost $300 each lol. I think gas would be slightly cheaper then $600 even with the current cost.
  14. kpward
    Tell you guys what... at our First West Coast Entropians mtg, I will offer up Tshirts as door prizes or something... a $20 Tshirt does not offset $$ for gas but it might help. Hope to see many West Coasters in June!
  15. keltigirl
    unfortunately, my laptop will NOT run EU. so, would need to use what is available. i was looking forward to a social event. meeting folks just to kill them is not my idea of fun social activity (chuckles).
  16. kpward
    Hi Keltigirl, disregard my PM. I did not check this group prior to sending it.... duh.

    Nice to see more folks joining.
  17. EarlVonKippler
    california meet sounds great. i will not be able to attend, but i wish you all luck. i am up in seattle
  18. kpward
    Hey, anyone up for a TEAM hunt tonite or tomorrow nite (May 3 or 4)???
  19. Thorfin Thor
    Thorfin Thor
    Hmmm, I'm in Seattle area also.
  20. kpward
    Hey, we had a couple others join... Welcome Thor and raven.

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