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  1. Ludvig|MindArk
    Welcome to the artists guild
  2. Mkdesign
    I love The Kiss!
    Oil painting?
  3. PW3CKA
    Hello... im not a real artist but i like to make screenshots from entropia ^^
  4. PW3CKA
    I added two pictures ^^... i really like them... i will try to find some more and i will add another onezzzz... !!111!11 one
  5. Sirhc
    Thanks MKdesign that was a pen and ink from a few years ago. Is this group only going to be about EU related art or can it be anything? I just noticed 5 of 8 pictures showing and was curious.
  6. Woodger
    I might post some links to samples of my audio / music work...
  7. wildcuts
    Hi folks! Saw the group anouncment and just joint! I'm a film maker doing also machinima
  8. Jamhot
    Dunno if i qualify, but what the hell i'm in!
  9. Ludvig|MindArk
    If anyone wanna talk some on MSN, just PM and I'll add ya
  10. Shadowmage
    Heya, also decided to join

    Have no pictures of any actual arts, but some older works (~ 6-7 years old when i was 11-12) can be seen in my appartement - Chikara Juujou 16 G - uploaded them around 1 1/2 years ago out of a nostalgic attack.

    I'm actually making drawings, paintings, but also started making short movies (10-20 min) IRL, in Entropia I'll founded Entropia Pictures and will start working on a longer movie (~90 min) with the Cry Engine 2 implementation. Already set up a staff waiting for the start
  11. Oleg
    Hello everyone, just saw the thread about this and decided to join

    I'm a musician in real-life, playing in my band The Resplendents and doing some media/production work.

    Blatant self-promotion: (that one really needs updating with some newer stuff, it's all ancient )
  12. sunjewel
    Hello all! ;>
    Always cool to see other artists work!!!
    Graphic artist by day and all art types off work-time . . . I will be uploading a portfolio of my work this weekend and hope you all take a look!


  13. Encicra
    I do art and such and some music like my cover of Can't take it by All-American Rejects link:
  14. Crux
    Hi all, I'm new to this group

    I focus on digital art, Wacom and Photoshop. Yeah, I'm a pixelpusher
  15. Baradur
    Hi there, I'm fresh as well
    I mainly do digital art, Photoshop - Illustrator - Poser - etc..
    Guess I'm a pixelpusher as well Crux
  16. Ludvig|MindArk
    so what photoshop do you have then?

    I have a wacom bamboo and photoshop 7.0

    but I usually prefer photographing before drawing
  17. Baradur
    I use the cs2 suite (Need to upgrade to cs3, but no rl peds at the moment). There are some other nice freeware progs out there: terragen and genviewer. U can use them to render some textures / landscapes and then use photoshop to brush it up. I like terragen a lot, you should check it out.
  18. Ludvig|MindArk
    I want CS4 but it's... well... bit expensive
  19. NeutrinoX
    Hey hey, just joined. Digital artist here, my tools of the trade are Inkscape, The GIMP, SmoothDraw NX, CreaToon, a Genius MousePen 5x4 and a Palm Zire 31. There are some small examples of what I do on my avatar and signature (Both made by me), might upload some other stuff to the gallery later.
  20. mastermesh
    I have a blog at but don't post to it much. I don't draw or paint as much as I should since my spouse works late and we carpool... I do carry around a little bag that has some colored pencils, sketchbook, digital camera, and digital voice recorder in it, but don't use that thing as much as I used to now that we joined a gym... work out after work instead.
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