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run to "The Rig"

  1. Razer
    Hey there Brains,

    I hope you don't mind that I do this but there is something a friend of mine needs help with and I'm wondering if you would like to help. Trying everything here .

    A friend is doing the and for the 3th leg he needs to run to The Rig. Because his race is for people under 35 agility is it pretty hard to do, so I decided to try and help him. So what I'm trying to do is get a team of people together that can protect him while running to the rig. As you know there are Trox and Spiders around there and of course some PK-ers. There is no prize of anything involved, but always to chance of some nice loot. So would you, and maybe some friends, be willing to help me protect this guy so he can run to The Rig safely?

    Not sure about a time yet, but it has to be this week.


    Robin RAZER Deurloo
  2. Valand
    PM me when this happening and i will try to help . . .
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