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Electro heads

  1. 711
    First member
  2. Dextar
    Member Number two! And I luv Synths Period (I own several!) Luv all kinds of Synth music!
  3. levithanikos
    711 ... ... you cheated ...
  4. Legion
    tsss 711 I'M the first member.. as i created the group muaha :P
  5. DeeDee
    My favorite groups: Covenant, Welle: Erdball and VNV Nation.. but Depeche Mode was the ones starting it all.
  6. Legion
    Deedee good taste there
  7. windowlicker
    Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor - best band ever.
  8. Dextar
    Some of my favs in SynthPop is of course Depeche Mode and Kratwerk, DEVO, Pet Shop Boys and the list goes on.

    Solo guys I always Liked Herbie Hancock, but Jan Hammer really knocked my socks off! ( I'd give a major appendage to have his righthand!)
  9. Oracle
  10. Nihilist
  11. 711
    Enjoy some killer progressive house on EntropiaRadio
  12. Legion
    711, i personally dont think house even if it's progressive is classed as synth or ebm :P but we like you anyway :P
  13. Traf Rellik
    Traf Rellik
    My all time favorite group is Kraftwerk, and the resulting derivatives in house and techno. I've kind of mellowed out though and tend to listen to Tangerine Dream or Jean Michel Jarre while driving... Favorite concert: Kraftwerk's Computerworld in San Diego, back in '83 (IIRC) - but I was too high to realize the uniforms and scenery were projected until the second scene change! Then again, it wasn't technically a concert, it was "an evening with" (since back then they caught flack for using "concert" on synth performances...).
  14. jim_T
    Well I´m a big fan of Kraftwerk for sure...and Nitzer Ebb! Suicide Commando is nice too!
  15. Acronoid
    A fan of all gothic Electro, german elektroPop, DarkDance, CyberPunk, EBM.
    some of my favourites are Diary of Dreams, VnV nation, covenant, BlutEngel, Project Pitchfork, chiasm, Pragha Khan, Apotygma Berzerk... (it's an almost endless list )
  16. 711
    Lots of new progressive house and techno added to the EntropiaRadio House channel. Enjoy
  17. Mice
    heads up if your swedish, check out "Familjen" awesome guy making some kewl music
  18. jim_T
    Kraftwerk - The Man-Machine with the Metropolis '27-theme...real kewl vid!
  19. Legion
    711, can we send you some more stuff to add to a special synth channel on entropia radio?
  20. Acronoid
    7'11 can you add some gothwave/ebm too
    nothing beats killing a mob on tranquille beats of pure misery
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